The Nanny Network was made for everyone—parents, children, and, of course, nannies.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved taking care of children. Seeing them develop and learn through play is an inspiration, and to participate in that growth every day is a true gift.

Too often in childcare, differing expectations, miscommunications, and frustrations can steal attention away from what truly matters. My aim in creating The Nanny Network is to prevent that stress altogether.

From the very moment we connect families with nannies, we focus on establishing strong relationships, clear communication, and a respectful, professional environment to ensure the best road ahead for everyone involved. With the right foundation and continual support, we hope to free people’s attention for what is most important—the joy of caring for children.

The Nanny Network is the service and community I wish I had as a nanny over the years, so it’s my honor to now provide this unique resource to nannies and families across Greenville. I can’t wait to come alongside you and redefine your experience of childcare, for good.

Since launching this business, I am thrilled to also be able to support more than just your nannying needs with the addition of our academic tutoring placements and music lesson placements. Having a quality tutor, mentor, or teacher in a child’s life can make all the difference in their development. And with the same stress-free process we use to connect nannies with families, we would love to give your children the best support available to ensure their success in school and beyond.

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Owner of The Nanny Network


We are a nanny placement agency dedicated to helping families find exceptional full-time and part-time nannies, tutors, and music teachers.


We offer our services in Greenville, SC, and its surrounding areas.


Our easy-to-use process for connecting families and nannies is designed to eliminate any of the stress and guesswork common in finding a nanny. In addition to making the search easier, The Nanny Network is committed to providing excellent childcare for families, supporting nannies, offering ongoing resources, and establishing mutually respectful and successful relationships. Best of all, your child receives one-on-one attention in their favorite environment—the comfort of their own home.

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