The Nanny Network has streamlined the process to connect great families with great nannies based on both parties’ specific needs and preferences.

The Specialty Nanny Placement Package

From the very start, The Nanny Network has provided this dynamic package to pinpoint families’ needs and goals, as well as to find a reliable nanny to match them. With this bundle, we offer:

  • Initial Family Intake
  • Nanny Search, Interviews, and Evaluation
  • Background, DMV, Fiscal Responsibility Screenings, Sex Offender Registry Search, and Drug Test
  • Nanny and Family Introduction
  • Customizable Contract
  • The Nanny Network Onboarding Guide
  • Tax Information Assistance
  • 60-Day Replacement Period
  • On-Going Support from The Nanny Network

*As of April 2023, The Nanny Network has added agency requirements. All family clients of The Nanny Network will be required to send in the final contract to The Nanny Network to ensure completion. All family clients are required to set up the nanny as a household employee and have taxes withheld legally. All family clients are required to offer Guaranteed Hours to their nanny. Please contact The Nanny Network with any questions in regard to these requirements.*

Ready to Get Started? Reach out or begin building your Family Profile!

À La Carte Nanny Placement Services

Already have a nanny outside of The Nanny Network? Great! Choose any of these services to make your relationship that much more professional.

In-person Contract Package $550
Schedule an in-home appointment with The Nanny Network to establish a working agreement between you and your nanny. Using our curated and customizable professional contract, we will address specific needs and expectations to help you form a clear partnership that is tailored to the needs of everyone involved. From there, we will also give you The Nanny Network Onboarding Guide to ensure a smooth transition into your new working relationship!

Contract Package $300
If you would rather walk through the contract with your nanny on your own, then this is the package for you. While there is no in-person appointment with The Nanny Network, you will still receive our adaptable professional contract and onboarding guide to get your partnership off to a great start!

Background, DMV, Fiscal Responsibility, and Sex Offender Registry Checks $250

Drug Testing Addition $50

The Nanny Network nannies are . . .

  • certified in First Aid and Pediatric CPR
  • professionally trained to care for children of varying ages, needs, and contexts
  • interviewed and evaluated according to high standards
  • thoroughly screened via background, driving, fiscal responsibility, and sex offender registry checks, performed by a national company with over 20 years of experience 
  • drug tested locally and have proof of reliable driving records
  • chosen and assigned to fit your specific needs, based on your Family Profile
  • eager to serve you and your family

*The Nanny Network considers 30+ hours a week full-time employment and less than 30 hours a week part-time employment.*