Finding a nanny can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I’ve put together a trusted, local, concierge-like service to take out all the guesswork for you. The Nanny Network is here to help you find your new favorite nanny and ensure that your partnership is tailored exactly to your needs. Whatever your childcare situation may be, I’m excited to be your advocate.

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What Is a Nanny?

A nanny is employed to consistently care for a child or children in a family’s home. Their responsibilities vary but may include: planning activities, like arts and crafts; teaching through play; reading aloud; scheduling outings; taking the children to school or classes; assisting with homework; aiding in infant development; or tending to other tasks within the home pertaining to the children.


"Katie joined our family in March of 2020 with the birth of our first child, right when the pandemic hit. There was so much uncertainty during that time between what was going on in the world and adjusting to being first-time parents. Katie jumped in as both nanny and newborn care specialist and was one of the few constants and positive influences during that time. Her commitment and compassion are unmatched. She cares for our babies as if they were her own, and we are honored to call her a member of our family.”
Allison Rogers
“Meeting Katie was an actual answer to prayer. She came with ideas and fun new things to entertain my one-year-old. She filled their time with activities, playing, going outside, reading—all the things I would be doing with my daughter. Katie always communicated during her stay and always updated us with what my daughter ate, what they did, etc. when we got home. I appreciate Katie's work experience in a preschool and also her continuing education in infant and childcare. She bonded quickly and so well with our daughter that she is like a part of our family.”
Alicia Jackson
“I can’t say enough great things about Katie Hawkins, owner of The Nanny Network. Katie was the very first person I handed my nine-month-old daughter over to when we first needed care. This can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience as a first-time mom, but Katie put me at ease right away, and I knew our daughter would be safe and loved while in her care. She is trustworthy, kind, and genuinely cares about the children entrusted to her. I am confident that the caregivers placed through The Nanny Network will have the same qualities and hold the same standards for childcare and safety that we experienced when Katie cared for our daughter!”
Courtney Malone

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